Our Team

The History of Tech Beam Media

Tech Beam Media was founded in late 2016 while Carlos, Zach and Joe were attending North Iowa Area Community Collage together. It was Carlos that first had the idea to start a YouTube channel and with all three of them attending NIACC for Information Technology, the three knew exactly what content would be featured on the channel.

While the primary focus of TBM is currently the Tech Beam YouTube channel, we hope to expand in the future by providing video creation and editing solutions as well as tech support services to individuals and companies.

Carlos Oulman | President and Host


Carlos is the driving force behind Tech Beam Media. He comes up with the ideas and moves the team forward. Carlos has a strong passion for technology and always has from a young age. While Carlos tends to do better in the software department, he is eager to learn more about the hardware side of things. Carlos has a strong passion for creating content that is entertaining and is also most of the brains behind how the content looks post production.

Zach Thoma | Chief of Hardware

When it comes to hardware, Zach is the go to guy. While Zach will not be found on camera much, you can find him gaming and staying up to date with the latest hardware hitting the market. Carlos brought Zach on board to help with all things hardware. Zach also co-hosts The RAM Show that airs weekly on our YouTube channel.

Joe Trotman | Business Administrator


Found mostly behind the scenes, Joe handles the business side of things for Tech Beam Media. Joe can be found in front of the camera on our spin off series called Nerd Fun where Joe is often put into new situations that Carlos has come up with where anything and everything can happen.