Tech Services

St. Patrick’s Church – Network

Tech Beam Media worked with St. Patrick’s Church in Clear Lake, Iowa with a complete overhaul of the original network. There was a single connection coming into the office next door to the church with the signal being shared between the buildings using a wireless repeater. While the solution worked, it was definitely ┬ánot ideal. Tech Beam Media worked with Currier Electric to run network cables between the two buildings allow the church to share one network connection between buildings.

A small temporary solution was set up in the main church until the basement renovation took place. After the renovation, network cabling was run to all the new classrooms allowing for a wired connection in each individual classroom for smart TV’s and other internet connected devices to be placed on the network easily. After all the cabling was run, a central networking rack was set up to serve the main church.

Tech Beam Media is currently managing the network.